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    I have to say, last weekend was beyond beautiful. I imagine a lot of you guys were out in it all the way. Share your experience. Mine was camping, berry picking, boating and shrimping in the sound. Came home with a gallon of berries and 100 lbs of tails. I guess some people count thier shrimp, but I think weight gives the best description. We caught a strange little guy. The picture is kinda fuzzy, sorry bout that. I've never seen on like it. Anyone else?

    Great times, makes a long winter totally worth it.

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    cool pictures, looks like you guys had fun. We were also in the sound, it sure was nice. I've caught a few of those shrimp before, they're really spiny/poky. I think we just throw them back. Not sure what they're called though.

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    Spiny Lebbeid Shrimp

    not sure if this is right but it looks the same

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    Hey! leave some shrimp for the rest of us! Seriously though, good job on the shrimp. I wish we could pick up half as many as you. We only got a couple gallons on this trip. And our normal hot spot only gave up 5 shrimp after soaking three pots for 5 hours. We usually do a little better, but we've never gotten as many as you.
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