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Thread: Kenai in October

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    Default Kenai in October

    How's the upper Kenai for 'bows in Oct. First time on this river and trying to get info.

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    Default Can be good

    In my experience, the fishing usually stays pretty good through the first week or two in October, but can then begin to fall-off. Most of the trout head back to the lakes as the temperatures drop. I have caught some quality fish in late October and even well into November, but you have to work harder to find them. The good news is, the crowds thin-out considerably as October progresses, so it's usually very relaxing. Later in the month though, you might face the real possibility of freezing your nether regions for no fish. You have to be ready for anything when it comes to the weather in October, but then again, this is Alaska, and you can't be a sissy and live here, right???


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