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    What is a good ATV magazine. Every once in awhile I'll by one at the store like ATV Rider of some other. They are usually about 90% racing and 10% 4x4 riding. I am looking for one that covers offroad 4x4 ATVing, not 2 wheel drive racing. I have no interest in those little tired scooters.

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    Mud Magazine is pretty cool. All the other atv rags I have read focus their attention on either lame shootouts or sport quads.

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    Default Mud Magazine


    It looks like they are going out of business. I looked them up on the internet. Oh well, thanks for the suggestion. Do you still have the Zillas or did they go over the weekend?

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    Still sitting in the shed. Let me know when you want to stop by and take a peak.

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    The week is going to be a mess so probably this weekend......Sunday maybe. I have a company x-mas party on Friday night so Saturday may be a "day of rest." If Sunday would work let me know....the PM sometime....

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    Default All Terrain Vehicle magazine

    I recommend All Terrain Vehicle as a magazine that focuses on more real-world applications, 4x4 riding ,etc, not so much racing stuff.

    It's got to be the entire words All Terrain Vehicle--not ATV, ATV Rider, etc.

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    I might go hunting on Sunday if my buddy has the day off. If it is a no go for him I might go on Saturday. I will let you know.

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    Atv Illustrated, This is a quality magazine with the best pictures and very good articles this is the best I have found. I also like Atv Magazine, but it is very thin compaired to the other, thanks


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