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Thread: Hiking in the Juneau area

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    Default Hiking in the Juneau area

    Hey all, new to the site, and new to Alaska. Just moved here 10 days ago from Minnesota.

    I've always been a fan of hiking and that interest is what brought me to this site. I don't have many friends here yet since classes just started at UAS on thursday. I'm sure that will change as the semester goes on. For now though I will be doing my hiking alone. I have a few questions -

    Are there any good websites for trails around this area? I have already hit up a bunch by the tramway in downtown Juneau, trails around Mendenhall Glacier and a couple trails here by campus. There is a good one that starts just a short walk from the campus housing here that I plan on hitting up later today (assuming it doesn't start raining)

    Also, I understand the risks of hiking alone, but are there any recommendations you guys have for staying safe from bears? Other than making plenty of noise? I am from northern Minnesota so I have encountered a few black bears in my life but grizzlies are new to me.

    - That is all for now.

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    There's a nice one at the end of the road to the south past the docks. Just drive to the end, you can't miss it. Very picturesque.

    The beaches North are nice to stop and hike around on, also. Lots of marine life to see and some of those beaches are fairly big and can take a couple hours of walking to explore.
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    In juneau there is the Juneau Trail Mix group.

    lots of good trails, some times I go down for work and go hiking...might as well get it before the snow flies or the weather deteriorates.

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    I'd recommend picking up a bear canister for your food if you plan on going longer than day trips. For protection I picked up some UDAP spray for my wife, and I usually pack a rifle or a big revolver. I prefer a revolver since carrying a rifle turns into a chore when you're trying to enjoy a hike. I also have a rule for no food in the tent, and I wash out my backpack once in a while so it doesn't smell like food.

    Bears aren't much of an issue for hikers. Of my friends & family I've only known one person to get charged, and that wasn't far from his house. (I think he said it was a "problem bear" that had been getting in people's garbage.) I've come across two packs of wild dogs though... they gave me the willies, and I don't exactly hate dogs.
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    Default advise

    check out the you tube on bear attack and what they do to camps.
    Make sure you have a known itenartary, and that you are expected back by some one that will act , if you are late. from a trackers point of view , record your foot print at camp, alternate forms of communication are a good idea as well. cell phones don't work every where.
    If you can't afoard a good .44 mag, at least get a good (real)spear you can use as a walking stick .and learn how to use it . Just as was said , don't smell like food , Don't know about any one else but i never go in the wild with out a significant knife. and lastly I would Pray , and ask God to prepare the way. and to thank Him for the oppurtunity to enjoy creation.

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    HI I work for trail mix and like you i just moved here been here 5 months now. 90 short walks is a great resource as well as a map the USFS puts out will almost all of the area trails. we're building a new website so a lot of the info is not as acurate as it once was. Ive loged more time in 5 months on trails here than most folks that live here and have only seen two bears. but then I still carry a weapon of some sort.

    Happy exsploring and drop me a line if you need any help.
    Garrett G.


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