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Thread: cheap/homemade goose decoys?

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    Default cheap/homemade goose decoys?

    Is there such a thing? I'm not huge into this, and dont have the money to dump a ton into I was thinking some kind of wind sock idear? is that feasable? I've done some searching and have come up with some stuff, but nothing cheap and nothing that I can get my hands on in short order.....kinda late notice, maybe next year I'll be able to add a real flock of decoys to my bag. For now I'd just like to make a few.

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    Default Why not...

    ... get the profile decoys? I've seen them used to good effect by better goose hunters than I.
    Or, you could make some disposable ones from mud and straw like the old time Eskimos did on the YK delta.

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    I used to make silhouettes out of 1/8" plywood. Paint them black and white and it works on dumb birds or birds in a storm. You could always do the Texas rag thing to.

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    I have built silhoutes in Mn, worked ok....was hoping there was something better then that?

    Dunno what the profile decoys are? I havent hunted geese in a very long time! Hopefully going to delta next weekend..have a section of land to hunt all to myself and it sounds like he's combining this week, today or tomorrow woohoo!

    now if I could only figure this blasted short reed goose all out haha! If ya hear a dying goose thats me, dont laugh

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    I've seen folks use 2 and 3 liter plastic soda bottles and bleach bottles. Just paint them up a bit. I'm not sure on the neck head arrangement though.

    Just a thought


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    Default Cheap snow goose dekes

    Before we had real dekes my brother and I used white paper sacks we got from a dry cleaner. The sacks were a little over two feet long and narrow. We would blow them up, then twist and bend one end into a neck and head. Put out 50 to 100 depending on how long before sunrise we got to the field. Stuffed down in the rice straw they were deadly. I once fell asleep there in the field in the late morning and awoke to about 75 snow geese mingling around with the paper sack decoys!

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    Default Home made decoys

    Your post got me in the garage and I fashioned a goose out of polar board. I didn't take much effort and would work in a pinch. If you plan to paint styrofoam, keep in mind that a heavy coat of spray paint will melt it, but the rough surface makes a nice grey goose using a light coat of black paint.

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    Default Snow Goose dekes

    For snow geese, I've seen folks make a bunch of wooden stakes (similar in size and length to texas rag stakes) and take a box of white plastic bags and fashion them in such a way that they essentially become just like a texas rag.

    I guess you'd just need like a band saw for the stakes and some tape or something to get the bags onto the stakes (or maybe they used knots, I don't remember).

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    Default The Ole' Stick in the mud...

    trick works!

    Get a nice lil' foot long stick with enough bend in it to place mud on there to resemble a head, stick it in the mud, & then dig up some mud around the stick & pile it up behind the stick being sure to round out the mud pile into a workable looking "goose" laying on the ground. Trust me, this works, then when you shoot more geese that came to your mud dekes, you can even use a lil' Y stick to prop the head up of the geese you shot to supplement the mud geese you made.

    The mud geese have even fooled me a time or two, driving down the river, & glancing at the sand bar, seeing them & having to do a double take to ensure that they were indeed "mud ducks"


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