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Thread: Big brown bear!!!

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    Default Big brown bear!!!

    Looking for a big brown bear? CAn anyone tell me if Red Bear Guides is an Outfiter to go with to get one? Looking at going this Oct to their Chignik Lake camp? Thanks

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    Why do you want a huge Brown Bear...? Why now a "TYPICAL" Representative Brown Bear........?

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    Big bears are everywhere but the fear going home empty causes folks to shoot a bear on the last couple days that they wouldn't shoot on the first day.

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    Default Big Brown Bear:

    Why a big bear? Anyone can get a smaller-legal bear I hunt (as do many others) for the challenge and the harvest. As for the comment by Amigo Will! This will be my 4th trip to AK for a brown bear and I have yet to even raise my rifle! So pls don't worry about that.
    Back to my question>Anyone have any info on Red Bear Guides?


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