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Thread: Swede Lakes or Sourdough to Gulkana River - River Crossing Status?

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    Question Swede Lakes or Sourdough to Gulkana River - River Crossing Status?

    My mother has the any bull permit for south of the Alphabet Hills and my father will be taking her in next week sometime. He wanted me to ask if anyone has crossed the Gulkana from either the Swede Lake trail or from the trail that heads west from the gravel pit near Sourdough. If anyone has any recent intel on the river conditions, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Default Swede lake

    Crossed river today off of Swede Lake trail. Hot & dry 65 plus in 5 days of hunting saw 1 bull in 5 days in 5 days of hunting. Pretty dismal need to go later IMO. River crossing was easy in a Jeep.

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    Second Hand Info: But reliable folks.
    Had some friends return a couple days ago. They didn't have a problem getting across the Gulkana, on wheelers, dragging a trailer with one of them. They crossed on the trail that is east of the normal one most use going in on the Swede Lake trail. If you take the last trail to the east, before dropping down after passing Swede Lake, it will take you to the ridges on the east end of the Alphabets. It stays in better moose country. The west trail is best for Caribou. Though both can be found at either place though. They only got two moose this time out, no permit, both over 60" and said there were quite a few hunters in the region.
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