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Thread: Valdez fishing dangers

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    Default Valdez fishing dangers

    Fished Valdez Monday through Wednesday last week . The fishing was slow and the fog was really bad until noon each day. All but one person myself included were going very slow almost trolling speeds for safety do to very low visibility less than 50 feet. But there was one phantom sports Jon that was cruising back and forth through the other boats doing 30 plus mph. Scared the living crap out of me and my family more than once. One time he missed us by 20 feet or so. Several other people had the same experience as I did. A couple of guys were hoping for him to show up at the boat ramp for a little “ training”. Valdez is such a great place to take the family catch a few fish and enjoy the scenery why would anyone risk their life and other peoples just to get to a spot a little faster?

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    Default You would think

    that someone would have called the Coast Guard. As the saying goes, there has to be one in every crowd.

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    The Family was down there this past weekend, I guess the Harbor Master was directing traffic at the boat launch ramp due to the massive amounts of traffic. There was one guy who was trying to take his boat out of the water and he proceeded to cut infront of about 6 boats that were trying to launch, the harbor master quickly put his truck behind him to block the ramp. He informed the guy that he has to wait in line like the others, and after some choice words, I guess the guy rammed his trailer right into the Harbor Masters truck. Of course cops were called and the guy was arrested or ticketed. How stupid, people just need to be patient, what did he expect? Labor Day weekend, there was bound to be a ton a boats and trailers. What an Idiot....

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