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    Helping a friend look for a boat. Don't know much about Reinell boats. Whats the skinney on them. Good, bad or indifferent.

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    Years ago, I bought a 1978 Reinell 25ft flybridge from a guy in Seattle for a few peanuts thinking I could flip it or make something usable out of it. There wasn't anything worth anything left on it to do anything with, they are an extremely poor quality boat to begin with. You could see the light through the V-berth the fiberglass was so thin, and forget walking on the bow it would just flex way to much! They are a production built boat like a Bayliner, chopper-gun fiber glass, cheap to make, cheap to buy! Hit a twig in the water and if would probably go through it like a bullet. Hint: Research "production built" vs "shop or semi-custom built".

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    regardless of what you might here, Reinell boats were "okay". They weren't great boats, but I know lots of guys that had Reinell, Bayliners, Fiberforms, etc. that were "reasonably" priced boats. They served them well, they didn't fall apart AND they didn't cost an arm and a leg.

    I have read artciles pro and con, so it's your call. I know first hand that Fiberform hulls are built really tought and have been compared to Uniflite and Parkers for strength. There are those that will tell you just have to make up your own mind and keep in mind that ALL boats have limitations...even $45,000 aluminum sleds.


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