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Thread: Multi tip lines

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    Default Multi tip lines

    I am looking to purchase a Versi-Tip type of system by Rio, SA or Airflo. I am planning to use it for Silver and Steelhead fishing and was hoping to get some feedback on these types of lines.

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    Default Rio Versi-Tip

    I have had an 8wt versi-tip since this March and have fished the hell out of it and love it! I am primarily using it on 9'0" 8wt. rod. I have bought a second versi-tip for my wife's outfit also.For me at least, it has really maximized my fishing time instead of dawdling around with other gear, changing spools, etc. For what it's worth I would recommend it to you.

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    Default versi-tip

    I had the Rio versi-tip for my 10wt, and did not like it. The idea of it is awesome, but I had a problem with the connection between the running line and the different heads. I had to have the whole 25ft head all the way out, or the loop to loop would get hung up in the tip top. I would recommend a second spool with a sink tip line on it. It would end up being a little more money, but it is worth it to me to not have to deal with the headache I had with the versi-tip.

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    Default Multitips: yes

    A lot of guys I've heard will just use a sinking tip, which you can buy separately and attach to your current fly line. If you only need one, it seems a simple and less expensive option. If you need 2, you might could cut them different lengths. I bought the Rio VersiTip in 8wt for steelhead before I heard about that idea.

    The VersiTip has been more productive for me than floating line with split shot, esp working steelhead streams in cold weather. It could be my inexperience or poor technique too. Although I occasionally use the intermediate or floating tip, usually just the 6-7 ips tip (Type 6 DC), which is next to fastest sink, is all I use.

    The hinge-effect at the tip connection (with rest of fly line) can take getting used to. When I'm chucking lead, casting heavy leech patterns, the usual case, I don't notice it much though.

    When time comes to replace my VersiTip, I probably will try a Type 6 or 8 sink-tip alone. There's some appeal to the simplicity of it.

    Good luck this Fall.

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    I like the five and six weight Versi-Tip lines for lake fishing in a float tube where I only have one rod on board. That way I can switch from an intermediate tip to a floating tip if fish are rising, or put on a sink tip if I want to fish streamers.

    I like the nine weight Versi-Tip for salmon fishing on small streams or where the fish are in close. If I'm fishing big water I prefer the casting of a regular sink tip line like the Teeny lines. I don't use all of the sink tips on my nine weight Versi-Tip so I would have been better off just buying the fast sink tip and using it on a running line.


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