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Thread: Good rabbit spots on Denali Highway

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    Default Good rabbit spots on Denali Highway

    Anyone know of any good rabbit spots on the Denali Highway, Cantwell side? Just looking for general areas that are public land and are decent spots. I'm heading up there tomorrow with the intent to fill some stew pots.

    Anyone been up there recently? How's it looking for rabbits and grouse?


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    Did you take your trip? I'm thinking of heading up there myself. What did you see? Where did you go?

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    Don't know if you went or not, but be careful if you are hunting the Cantwell side. Pretty much all the land for about 20 miles down the Denali highway right off the road on either side is now Ahtna land, and you need a permit to even set foot on it. Good chunks of land on either side of the road going south of cantwell 15 miles are the same way, as well as north about 10-15 miles. They have signs posted every couple hundred yards, which is kind of silly, but they are bright orange and say private property on them.

    I will say that there are a TON of rabbits in the area though, my parents live in Cantwell, and growing up i had never seen rabbits around the house. A few weeks ago I was killing two a day right around the house!! And they are still seeing them everywhere.
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    I did end up going, I headed in from Cantwell and as BIGAKSTUFF said, both sides of the highway for ~15 miles out of Cantwell along the highway are Ahtna land or private property. Once you are far enough away from Cantwell to get into public property, it is all open tundra with very little thick brush. I saw one rabbit on the side of the road inside Cantwell and that was it. Once I was in public land I didn't see ANYTHING. Not a place to go hunting for small game.

    I ended up turning around and tried heading further north and figured I would try Healy area, Stampede Road maybe, and soon after leaving Cantwell I ran into some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen. I used to live overseas in Japan and had at least 15 typhoons pass over the island I was living on, and this rain was easily as heavy as typhoon rain. Quite impressive. All in all the trip turned out to be a total bust.

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    No tundra chickens either?
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