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Thread: Labor Day Weekend Report

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    Default Labor Day Weekend Report

    I went south today and it was sloooooow. Not many shots fired from the various marshes in the area. We managed 2 mallards and 2 gwt for 2 guns. There were vary few birds flying and we connected on each group that came into the dekes. We also discoved that my buddy's son is part lab. He found somebody's (lost) shoveler.

    We did pick up 3 nice silvers on the way home. Tough to beat any blast & cast day.

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    Post Labor Day Weekend Report

    We saw a Wigeon and a GW Teal early and that was it. Just a few shots early on and then silence. Good company, hot coffee and a crisp fall day made it a great time
    though. We need a front to push some fresh birds our way. All the locals have succumbed to the steel or moved on. Good luck for the rest of the holiday weekend.


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