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Thread: Take someone under your wing?

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    Red face Take someone under your wing?

    I'm really interested in starting to duck hunt. I used to tag along with my dad when I was a kid but never got into it myself. Now after several years of living in AK I've decided I want to start here. I live in the Mat-Su valley but am willing to travel. I have a 12 gage and several calls that I need to learn to use. Is there anyone out there willing to be patient and teach? If not, what's my best bet for going on my own?


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    Wish you were up in Fairbanks. I'd go with you and we could learn the area together. I'm having trouble finding someone to "take me under their wing" as well up here.

    Good luck and hope you find some birds as well!


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    Shoot I know the feeling...I have a section of land to hunt in Delta for goose and no decoys...though I might still go tomorrow afternoon.

    Heck I have got some great friends that waterfowl hunt, but when it comes time to go..their blinds are always "too full" for one more boom stick!

    It's not rocket science but finding a good place can be a PITB! I also grew up in MN chasing goose and ducks and up till now bowhunting everything everywhere all the time...but with a bumm shoulder, and not being able to do much bow shootn....out came the boomstick again!

    So drop me a line I reckon..that is if you're the kinda guy I dont have to blindfold. I dont have great areas, I dont have a 4 wheeler, heck I cant even find my hipboots it's been so dang long since I've worn them LOL! But I did get put on a good spot or two. I sat and watched a hen mallard tonight 15 yards from me...was fun, no way I could shoot her...not into knowingly shooting a hen if possible..guess it's my pheasant roots showing. Had hoped the geese would fly, hope they are out and about in the morning!


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