Zeiss Blowout Sample Sale - Updated Version 9/5

OK, I just went thru some more boxes (yes, I think there are more and I will get to it). Everything is optically & funtcionally perfect. Those of you who have purchased samples/demos from me before know that if it isn't clean I will not accept it into the store.

The binoculars (other than the ones I marked) have no boxes or caps as they were the sales people's personal samples. All of the riflescopes are boxed. All have full lifetime warranties.
The quantities are VERY limited (ones and twos of each mostly) so if you are interested please call me or Neil as these deals will not be on our web site.

Victory 8x20 Old Style with pouch case $299.99
Victory 8x32 Lotutec, box, like new, $1099.99
Victory 8x42 Lotutec - Green, box, like new, $1249.99
Victory 10x42 Non-Lotutec $999.99
Victory 7x42 Non-Lotutec, box, like new $949.99
Conquest 10x25, No caps, case or box $299.99
Old Series Victory 8x40, No rainguard, or box $699.99
Conquest 10x40 In Box, Like new $699.99
#522012 Classic series Tripler $99.99

Classic 6x42 T* #8 30mm Tube $649.99
Classic 1.5-6x42 T* #4 30mm Tube $649.99
Conquest 1.8-8x38 Z-Plex #20 $249.99
Conquest 3-9x40 Z-Plex #20 Stainless $349.99
Conquest 3-9x50 Rapid Z600 #71 $499.99
Conquest 3.5-10x44 Z-Plex #20 $399.99 - SOLD OUT
Conquest 3.5-10x50 Z-Plex #20 $539.99
Conquest 3.5-10x50 Rapid Z800 #72 $579.99
Conquest 4.5-14x44 #20 Z-Plex $499.99
Conquest 4.5-14x50 HT #20 Z-Plex $599.99
Victory 1.1-4x24 Varipoint #0 Illuminated Non-Lotutec $1099.99
Victory 1.1-4x24 Varipoint #0 Illuminated Lotutec $1199.99
Victory 1.5-6x42 #8 Non-Lotutec $749.99
Victory 1.5-6x42 #56 Illuminated Non-Lotutec $899.99
Victory 1.5-6x42 #56 Illuminated Lotutec $1299.99
Victory 1.5-6x42 Varipoint #0 Illuminated Lotutec $1299.99
Victory 2.5-10x42 #8 Lotutec $999.99
Victory 2.5-10x42 #0 Varipoint Illuminated Non-Lotutec $1199.99
Victory 2.5-10x42 #0 Varipoint Illuminated Lotutec $1399.99
Victory 2.5-10x50 #8 Lotutec $1199.99
Victory 2.5-10x50 #56 Illuminated Lotutec $1399.99
Victory 2.5-10x50 #56 Illuminated Non-Lotutec $999.99
Victory 2.5-10x50 #66 Illuminated Lotutec $1499.99
Victory 2.5-10x50 #40 Illuminated Non-Lotutec $1249.99
Victory 3-12x56 #0 Varipoint Illuminated Lotutec $1299.99
Victory 3-12x56 #4 Lotutec $1199.99
Victory 3-12x56 #4 Non-Lotutec $949.99
Victory 3-12x56 #8 Lotutec $1199.99
Victory 3-12x56 #8 Illuminated $1199.99
Victory 6-24x72 Non-Lotutec #43 Illuminated $1699.99

Spotters & Eyepieces:
40x #528019 $199.99
Diascope 65 Straight Silver Tube w/Neoprene Zeiss case (Tube is scratched up but optics are perfect $599.99 (No, caps or eyepiece)
Diascope 65 Green Angled Lotutec w/15-45x Zoom Eyepiece (no box or caps) $1199.99

Please give a call with any questions