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    Need to upgrade my main skinning knife. I've been researching and have narrowed it down to three knives. The Kershaw Echo with a orange handle (comes with a zipper too, but don't see myself packing it) for a little over $30. A Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf D2 steel, or a Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf S30V steel. I've heard good things about the Echo and it is less than half the price of the S30V Alpha Wolf, but have read some tests that show AUS 8 steel will loose it's sharpness in half the time of the D2 or S30V. The S30V is the most expensive at around $90, but has some good reviews. Negatives I've heard are quality control of the steel and microscopic chipping when it gets sharpened, thus diminishing it's sharpness. D2 is tried and true, but not as corrosion resistant as either of them. Real world experience or correction on my findings are much appreciated.
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    s30v - all the way. I had the same conversation with Ken Onion, he sharpened up one of his knives and gave it to me, I use it for everything now, including my wife used it to cut sheetrock for an outlet (don't tell Ken) and I could still cut the hair off my arm. sharpening of s30v is nice and easy and it holds an edge incredibly.

    Echo is nice and cheap so you can buy a few...

    D2 info =

    S30v info =

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    Don't forget about Cutco. Mine has been through two bou and a black bear and still razor sharp. Search here on the forums lots of good reviews.

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    I only use the Havalon Piranta. It has replacable razor type blades. When the blade gets dull, just replace it. I know several taxidermist and a lot of hunters that use it as their skinning knives. Check them out at

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    Thanks guys, but I'm looking for specific information on these three knives and the differences in the steel. Have already considered the other options you speak of.
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