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    I've got a couple questions on Tanner Crab care.

    How are people keeping crab alive on their boats and for how long?

    I've heard if a crab dies it is no longer fit to eat. Has any body got any experience with this? How long after their dead can they still be cooked and safetly eaten?

    I've heard alot of conflicting ideas on these two questions and I'm interested in hearing your answers.

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    I'd call the Homer number on your crab permit and ask the question. I don't think you can eat them after they die. I called them and asked them how long can I wait to cook them after I cleaned them. They said the sooner the better (few hours) for quality taste but will keep on ice for a day or two but your taste will suffer and also how long it will keep will also suffer. I pulled my pots and had put them in my live well with water then cleaned within 1 hour after getting into the Harbor. I cooked them in the parking lot immediately with a turkey fryer set up for 5 minutes at a rolling boil and them iced them down and they were awesome. Ate for 3 days and them froze what we couldn't eat. Wife still eating on them and they are great. I would think they would keep alive quite a while if you kept them in a live well and circulated or changed out your water frequently. But again, a quick call to the pros should anwser your questions.


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