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Thread: Anything near Trapper Creek or Petersville?

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    Default Anything near Trapper Creek or Petersville?

    I still have not taken my kids fishing since I asked over a month ago. This weekend I plan to go to my property near Petersville.
    Is there any decent fishing in that area? We have no preference on type of fish, and I have a canoe if needed.

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    Thumbs up Look for Kroto Creek

    I think that is head water for Deshka. If so, should have fish plenty.
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    Default Bears

    Any creeks in that area now should be full of bears. They're full of bears cause they're full of fish! Moose Creek where it goes under P-ville Rd will be good for grayling and rainbows, Kroto as mentioned, and Peters Creek right past the Roadhouse- grayling, bows, and possibly silvers (check regs on keeping any salmon). Up the Road a little ways woudl be Troublesome Creek, salmon and bows downstream, grayling upstream, and Rabideux Slough back toward Talkeetna for silvers and burbot. The little lake at Gate Creek cabins is stocked with Rainbows.


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