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    I have a 1998 Polaris 6 wheeler and I am thinking about getting a new Big Boss 6 wheeler. They have a bigger engine, bigger fuel tank and no chains. Any of you running them and what do you think, pros and cons?

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    I have an 01. I sure wish I could afford a new shaft drive one. Several freinds here have got them and all love them. They all had the old ones like us. With the EFI on the 800's they aren't much different on fuel than our 500's and with the shaft drive....Well you know the drill, no more chain problems or carrier bearings. The extra ground clearance from the independant rear suspension is a huge plus as well. The only down side is the price tag. Even that is only about 2 sets of chains and sprockets more than the old ones. That will be my next wheeler. I have 3 other Polaris 4x4's as well.I love the 700 with 28's on it, but when it come to working there is no replacing the 6x6.

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    Default Fill her up

    I have one of each. New 800 is a thirsty beast compared to my 500. It's 260 lbs heavier, can do more work, and drinks more fuel.

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    Default 7 miles to the gallon 4.1 gallon tank

    When your in low and working the 800 6x6 it has pretty poor milage but it's worth it. Great rig, soft ride and lots of clearance. Power to spare. Hauled a whole 53" moose in one trip on a muddy, wet ,steep trail and never even came close to getting stuck. All those years of having a four wheeler and having the guys with rangers and six wheelers haul a lot of my meat are over now. Buy one you won't regret it.


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