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Thread: WACH Report Kinda..

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    Unhappy WACH Report Kinda..

    As some of you have noticed I have been very quite this past 6 months and as Martentrapper will tell, that is unusual.

    Well there is a method to my madness. I have had the pleasure of working with many of you guys over the past few years and the business had grown in size every year. 2 years ago I capped the hunting business as it had just grown too large for me to do effectively and teach as well.

    Well this past spring my wife and I both landed new jobs in the Glennallen Ak area and this will be my last year booking trips out of Kotzebue. I have a friend handling this falls hunts but it is too difficult to do a good job being 800 miles away so I have decided to close her down after this falls hunts. I will be looking for a buyer for the operation this winter but I may just sell it a piece at a time if necessary. This will leave a huge hole in the unit 23 market and I am sorry so say good by.

    If you know some one who is interested in buying the business and all the gear top quality equipment shoot me a PM and we can talk. I will placed an ad in the Buy and Sell page soon. Check out my web page, click on gear and you can see what I have and boy do I have a bunch!

    Thanks a bunch guys and good luck this hunting season.


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    Thats a bummer, and quite a service your getting out of.

    I see you have some really good equipment, though I imagine you'll kep your computer and keep posting here.......wont ya?
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    Hey Walt, Sorry to hear your getting out of the business. Good Luck with the new job and your move. If you end up selling it off some rafts let me know I may be interested or know someone who is.

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    Day late dollar short! I was hoping to bring my boy up there and use your services to get his first game animal.

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    I have enjoyed working with you guys over the years and yes i will keep posting but it will be from my new home on the Gulkana River with Mt. Sanford out the picture window.

    The business has earned me a nice income but more important is how many great people I have met along the way. Thanks a bunch guys because you have all been great!



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