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    Ok moose hunters I have a question, When do you start using calls? Is it too early for results? A few people I have talked to tell me not to even bother until the last week of the season so that would be around the 13th. Im on the kenai pen. Also do you find it more effective covering a lot of ground or sitting still all evening in an area that looks promising. How long do you call in a area before moving on.

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    Do a search, this has been beaten up pretty good over the last 2 weeks.
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    I have been in on a few moose kills here on the Kenai. The last 10 days seem the best for calling. I like walking trails and meadows in the morning. I prefer to sit on water holes or meadows in the evening. I know lots of moose are shot early in the season, but I like the last 10 days.


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