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Thread: tumbleweed prebult cabins..along with a stowage conex box

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    Default tumbleweed prebult cabins..along with a stowage conex box

    i was looking at the tumbleweed house set up and was wondering in that would be a great little cabin set up with a small ship stove for heatings less than 300.sq ft and it can be put into place along with unit bult up stand system to allow you to take off the wheels system and leave it in place ..

    once you got the cabin onto the land and plumbing hooked up to the system on the land can take the wheels off and have the bottom area around the unit framed in and insulatuion add to the unit to help with the cold weather problems along with insulation on the pipes for black water pipe outgoing line along with the incomeing water lines

    for it going to be me only in the cabin ..

    it has a small propane cooking stove set up along with a small tankless propane powered hot water heat system along with solar and wind power system to recharge the batties units to run the 12.volt power lights and rig unit along with a mircowave with inverter unit ..

    the battie bank is house in the small area inside the cabin inbetween the floor joints set up to hold the four big sized gell typle rv style batties ..with the solar panels system set up along with a small rv style wind turbine to help charge the batties that can be put into place one the unit is in place and ready for perment placement on the land after the cabin has been moved onto the land and ready for person to live in the unit

    with small ship stove model to heat the cabin in winter time..

    they where talking about the unit the other day on the little blog that they have and they said that they can build the unit to take alaska weather..

    if they can length the frame unit to 10.ft so here my idea ..get a 10.ft conex shipping box ship it to them have them mount the conex box onto the frame and then insulation panels on the sides and then covered in the side wood typle paneling that they used then that it used as a food stowage system with bult in wood shelfs set up along a bult in 12,volt rig and frezzer unit along with a combo washer and dryer set up with inverter system to help run it as need along with a fake roof unit on the box to help match the cabin roof

    if need to get into the conex stowage box go thought the kitchen area doorway saight into the box with no door typle opening just snuggle up againest the back of the house frame as need ..the whole desgin to make it one unit on the floor plan set up ..

    you would have to move the kitchen sink to the one side of the room area and get rid of the small rig unit ..but that would not be a problem with some of the things that i do not want in the unit anyway ..

    the model is fencl model a 130 sq ft total ..with a loft typle sleeping space ..

    so what do you think of the idea guys ..

    odd house idea-n-4-

    the small cabin stove website is

    the tumbleweed house website is

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    The tumbleweed link doesn't work.
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    let me fix

    sorry about that.. i did not put a s on the end of house

    try it now for it should work

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    Default cabin

    I didn't see the model you mentioned. How would you get this up here? They are very cool little houses and would make an awesome cabin.


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    you have to push the arrows right or left to move the slideshow for the homes ..

    plus i can ship up thought the one company up here to alaska by barge


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