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    This pistol is chambered for a 45 auto round and the manual specifically states not to use anything else. Would I be able to use 45 auto+P rounds. I picked up a box from Wild West and they said it would be ok. I've read this topic on other forums but the results are mixed. Anyone here locally have any experience in doing this.

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    Default +p

    Do not shoot a lot of +p in your Ruger. shoot stander 45ACP put +p in
    when you "need them" +p will vord your RUGER warranty! just my 2cents
    no Offense meant to WWG

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    I did a bit of research on that after I got my P-90. While you never know what you can and can't believe on the net, one item stated by someone who supposedly worked for Ruger was that the reason Ruger never offered the P-series in the 10mm is that the platform simply couldn't handle that level of power. And supposedly they built some prototypes and tested them and found out they wouldn't hold up.

    I wouldn't recomend running +P's out of it, and the 45 acp earned their reputation with standard ammo.

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    Yogee use of +P .45 ammo, as you were told, is safe in 99% of quality .45acp pistols and is safe in your Ruger. You should of course practice with standard ball, of which we have a lot.

    You should note that Ruger, contrary to what ignorant folk will advise you, has disclaimed warranty under the Magnuson-Moss Act, embodied at 15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.. As Ruger states:

    The Magnuson-Moss Act (Public law 93-637) does not require any seller or manufacturer of a consumer product to give a written warranty. It does provide that if a written warranty is given, it must be designated as "limited" or as "full" and sets minimum standards for a "full" warranty. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either "limited" or "full", rather than to attempt to comply with the provisions of the Magnuson-Moss Act and the regulations issued thereunder. There are certain implied warranties under state law with repect to sales of consumer goods. As the extent and interpretation of those implied warranties varies from state to state, you should refer to your state statutes. Sturm, Ruger & Company wishes to assure its customers of its continued interest in providing service to owners of Ruger firearms.

    With respect to +P .45, Ruger advises that:

    "The Ruger P90, P97 and P345 pistols are chambered for the .45 Auto cartridge and are compatible with all factory ammunition loaded to U.S. industry standards, including high-velocity and hollow-point loads, loaded in brass, aluminum or steel cartridge cases, as well as +P ammunition. .45 Auto ammunition manufactured in accordance with NATO, U.S., SAAMI, or CIP standards is within the design limits and known to function in these pistols."

    Please let us know if we can help you with anyhting else. We try to ensure that our sales staff gives correct info at all times, so if you have a question, just call.

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    If a Ruger is going to go bad it will do so with about any round. In the early 90's we purchased six for reserve officers to carry.Three failed with less than five hundred rounds of our duty ammo,Hornady 230gr.XTP. Ruger refunded the money no problems.I believe they sold us the guns for $187.00 each back then.The problems were frame and slide cracks on the three used whick caused a failure to fire before it blew up.I have not heard of this problem from regular folks that own them that I know


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