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Thread: Susitna Flats

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    Default Susitna Flats

    Just curious if anyone has ever taken a boat down from the Deshka Landing, or ANC Port, to the mouth of the Su to hunt. I've landed down there multiple times in my cub, but thinking about boatin' next weekend.

    * You don't have to give away your secret spot, just wondering if anyone has done it and had success...or if it is a pain in the arse and I'm better off flying over.

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    Default Great question...

    Now if we can get someone to provide some info....

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    I made the trip a week ago. I was looking for a place to hunt birds but weather (crazy wind) and not knowing where the blinds are, I decided not to camp and just made it a looooong day running the river. All waters are low but I had no problems running the sue to the mouth.
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