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Thread: I finally emptied my bucket!

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    Default I finally emptied my bucket!

    Many moons ago I started emptying my spent primers into a 5 gallon bucket. Last night I emptied the bucket as it was running over. Every single one of those primers were punched out on my old Rock Chucker one at a time.

    Thats 20 years of shooting and who knows how many $ worth of primers.

    Its a milestone in my eyes!

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    Thumbs up way to go...

    That is quit the achievement. Darn, I wish I would have saved all the primers my old Rock Chucker spit out in the last 34 years.

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    Default an achievement like that

    almost brought a tear to my eyes.

    Here's to your next full bucket.........

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    Talking you primer puncher, you!

    Hang in there of these years you'll catch up with the rest of us. Actually, that's quite an tells me that you've enjoyed your shooting to bang that many. What ball park figure did that bucket represent? Simple to figure, just find out how many primers to a cubic inch, then multiply that by how many cubic inches to a five gal bucket and wah lah. Man, I just gave myself a headache. Good luck with the next bucket.
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    So, how many IS that?

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    OK picture this, a great big hour glass filled with all those spent primers, how symbolic is that? Or reload it as bird shot for your scatter gun. Almost seems a crime to throw them out.

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    I gots no clue as to how many! To figure the volume one would have to know how many were large and how many were small. You would also have to know how tightly they were compacted. I did pick the bucket up and drop it on the floor several times to make room for more in the last year or so, so they were packed in there pretty good.

    There are not enough ticks left on the clock to ever think of filling it again. However a young lad in his 20's stopped by at noon today with a bunch of spent 44 brass and all the components to make em go bang again. He asked me if I would purdy please fill em back up again. Only this time around I have a 3# coffee can sitting where the bucket used to be. I'll be real satisfied if I'm around long enough just to fill it up! I'll do my best!

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    One of the most sentimental stories I've read in a long time....


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