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Thread: Torque specs for pre-64 Winchester 70's

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    Default Torque specs for pre-64 Winchester 70's

    I never seem to get the same answer twice on how to torque the action screws (sequence and in./lbs.) on pre-64 70's standards and featherweights. Specifically, factory wood stocks that have not been bedded.

    Some say to barely tighten the middle screw on the action, some say torque all to 20 in/lbs, etc. I've heard every conceivable way recommended on the fourth screw on a standard weight, the one on the forearm to barrel.

    Do any of you old timers (this meant most respectfully) remember the official stance from Winchester? How about what has worked best for you?

    From an engineering and mfg stand point I would think there would have been a set procedure, one for standard weights and one for featherweights that Winchester put out back in the day, and then the individual could vary that torque slightly less or more to tweak his individual rifles accuracy.

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    Ozarks call the shop and ask for "the Kid" (brian) When I was playing with Pre 64s, I always did back, front, middle to hard hand tight but that was just for hunting rifles, he will tell ya


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