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Thread: Crossbows in Alaska?

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    Default Crossbows in Alaska?

    First of all, I should've asked if they are legal. Are they at all popular?
    They've been made legal here in N.J., and I'm trying to get used to the idea of hunting with one. I was an avid bowhunter for about 15 years until permanently and completely tearing my rotator cuff on a fire call 3 years ago. I miss shooting my recurves, but no strength there. As a council member of the United Bowhunters of N.J., I was opposed to crossbows, but it sure would be nice to get out and do some bowhuntin' again. What are your thoughts?

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    legal YES....

    popular? that is hard to say...

    the kick is you can hunt with a cross bow in any hunt EXCEPT...


    archery only, or muzzle loader, or any other wepon restricted hunts Restricted hunts...

    in other words.. general season hunts that you can use rifle or bow, or , or or


    you have a medical release and waiver on the bow hunts. you may certify on the crossbow... HOWEVER that is a CASE by Case basis...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    popular? that is hard to say...

    I havent heard or seen much Crossbow hunting up here. Not to sure how popular it is. I think that with the critters we have in the woods up here, people stick to thier rifles or bows.

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    Default crossbows

    Mostly seen crossbows in urban areas where shooting firearms are illegal but hunting is not.

    Heard of people using them out of bearstands also.

    I would say everyone without a medical reason just use a normal bow... which is most people. I think that crossbows are great for people with disabilities though who want that type of hunt.

    I have a crossbow, but I don't use it to hunt or shoot it as much as my7 compound, why not? Cant use a FOB with a crossbow

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    Corbonzo- Define normal bow. Sounds like you're shooting a wheelie. I thought Long Bows were normal.

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    Default Contact Fish and Game

    I believe you can get a waiver through Fish and Game to use a cross-bow for archery hunts if you have a form letter from fish and game signed by a doctor and then approved by fish and game, similar to a shoot from a boat waiver for PWS.
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    I asked a similar question recently and got some pretty good answers in this thread
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