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Thread: Fort Wainwright Hunting Season?

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    Question Fort Wainwright Hunting Season?

    I could not find any info on FWW being off limits to hunting (not including the normal range and range roads that are off limits). I've found closure info regarding Donnelly areas but not Fort Wainwright. This would be the odd year as it seems over the last 10 years or so, it has always had some if the 1-15 Sept days chopped off. I called the USARAK# and it only mentions firing range/bombing ranges which are always off limits. Anyone hear anything else? Thanks

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    Default Phone Number

    Call the conservation officer at Ft. Wainwright and he can tell you what the plan is during moose hunting season and let you know where you can and can't go. Phone # is 361-7692.

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    FWA should be open about everywhere since we are almost all still deployed.
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    Default FW Hunting

    shows all the open and closed areas for Donnelly training area


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