Retriever Field Trials for Hunters

There is a new retriever field trial game on the scene. It is aimed at the 1.2 million gundogs employed in the US to retrieve the waterfowl and upland gamebirds downed by their hunter/owners. This field trial is conducted entirely on actual shooting of flying birds in two basic scenarios where each dog's test is different and is determined by where the bird falls. These trials realistically test and evaluate the three essential behaviors of gundogs:

1. Good manners in a high distraction environment - In a field trial the dog may have to sit quietly while 15 or 20 ducks are shot passing over. He may have to continue to sit quietly while 3 or 4 other dogs retrieve prior to his turn.

2. Find the bird wherever it lands.

3. Handle quickly and efficiently away from close obvious dead birds and go after the long unseen (by the dog) fall of a crippled bird and track it down.