Today is the Oneth of Best Month of the year.

The leaves are turning and beginning to fall and the woods carry the tang of cranberries and damp earth
The late run silvers are turning firey red while the first skim ice forms in quiet corners
Ducks and geese are winging their way south while cold men steady trembling dogs. All eyes, eager, look skyward
Along the trickles on lower slopes of our big mountains there are currants, and grouse while up high, salmon fattened bears amble through the blueberries on the way to their dens
Bulls are shedding their velvet and coming to calls and terrorizing saplings

It is the season of cold nights and bright days
Of flesh flies and thick trout
Of caribou, sleek with summer fat streaming across tundra red and gold
Time to harvest and revive secret recipies and boil jars while the smoke house perfumes the neighborhood, taunting.
This is the golden month when families and friends gather in camps where laughter comes easy and lessons and lies are passed down to the next generation.

It's September my friends....
Enjoy it while it lasts!