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Thread: 311lbs Caught out of Whittier

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    A 311 lbs Halibut was caught out of Whittier, pretty spectacular. The man said it was the first halibut his daughter ever caught. Looks like big ones are still out there to be had. Fee's Custom Seafood weighed it for them. It took the harbor's hoist to get it off the vessel. Happy boating.

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    Default How about a picture?

    And I hope it is good eating, you'll hear a lot about "tough and wormy" big halibut, but in my experience it's all about how the fish is handled, and some big ones eat as well as chicks. Is the daughter a youngster? Good for her at any rate!

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    Default Who caught 311 lbs halibut

    The woman who caught the fish was up visiting her dad Ken Mattingley her name is Leah Mattingley from Montrose CO., according to her it was dad and daughter team work that caught the fish. It was not wormy no parasites dad said he likes the smaller halibut for eating but Leah said it was wonderful eating as far as she was concerned. Happy Boating I asked them to put a picture in the Daily News or Turnagin Times be watching.


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