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Thread: Wolf to lower 48

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    Default Wolf to lower 48

    We're hunting moose but plan to buy wolf tag, just in case the chance presents itself.
    Has anyone brought one back to lower 48, and what problems are there?
    Advice appreciated.

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    You should have no problem.

    Its getting them into another country where one confronts paperwork.

    My wife wades through Piles of it when she uses fur one customary/tradional displays for museums in other countrys.

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    Default no problem

    just need to get the hide sealed before you take it out of can take it with you on the can ship it to can have a taxidermist up here prep it out and ship it to long as its sealed it can cross stated lines....but to ship it before it is tanned you need a raw hide export tag...which is available at ADF&G or most taxidermists have them.....good luck on your hunt...and if you see wolves shoot them..please
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    Default Wolf?

    You will have no problem bringing the hide back if you are flying, probaly extra baggage though. We brought one back in a box with a small piece of dry ice(claim it) even thought it was salted in the field. Should have brought two back but mine got away after a quick shot through the tag alders. And yes they are serious when they say they want you to shoot a wolf. When we bought our tags from a little old lady at the counter, I said I wanted a moose tag ,a caribou tag and a wolf tag. She exclaimed "Oh good, you are getting a WOLF tag!". I thought if this little old lady was excited about us just buying a wolf tag, she would be really pleased if we could get one or two. Good luck on your hunt. And STRANGER is right, it is GOOD to be an American.
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    took a wolf hide to norway couple years ago. had a cities permit and all the right paper work from the feds, but didnt have the "proper" papers from norway. they confinscated it at the airport and i threw a fit becouse i had all our papers in order. long story short, they were in the middle of updating there systems and i still owe some guy a hunting trip is **** good to be American!
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