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Thread: Launching into the Delta River?

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    Question Launching into the Delta River?

    Hunting DM773 and I was wondering if anyone has run the Delta River lately or know of a good place to launch the boat? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!

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    Default runnable?

    didn't know the Delta River was runnable at all.... been up on it near McGinnis and Black Rapids on two rafts and don't think I'd consider running my boat on it. Maybe a small flat bottom might handle the parts I've been on, but the water has a whole lot of shallow on it.


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    Ditto what sbiinc said. I've never heard of someone running it except for airboats.

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    Default for 2010 DM773

    So if not runnable in a flat bottom skiff / jet, is it worth a float trip instead? Or are there places shallow enough you could cross on foot? What might be the best method for crossing the river?

    Is the Tanana runnable from the north end of DM773 heading south towards Delta and then continuing up Delta Creek until you hit the closed MIA?

    Looking for some ideas on how best to approach this hunt area. Not sure I have access to an airboat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theclaw View Post
    Looking for some ideas on how best to approach this hunt area.
    There are about a million or so excellent places to land a cub in that unit. It is by far the best way to access it.
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    Launching for a ride on the Delta is at the Tanana River Bridge. If it is hot out the river can be running pretty good, and you can take a boat up it with some caution. I would'nt do it if you have no exp. in a jet boat.

    You have to cross military range before you get to Black Rapid's, and once you are there, I don't think you would want to try the rapid's with a small boat.

    That river is not one that I would suggest to run a boat on, unless you are ready to make repairs on your boat.

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    I don't think I'd be taking a boat on the Delta River. More was thinking of floating from Donnely creek campground down to Big Delta. If the Delta River really is that shallow that a jet may not even make it, could you get across the Delta River at Donnelly Creek in an ATV as one person suggested? I imagine "rapids" are not crossable, but these are more up at hte glacier, right? My original thought for hunting DM773 was north of the impact area but a few have been suggesting the southern area. The state parks site for that campground says there are a lot of moose in that area. I don't really see any trails on google earth down that way like you do on the north side, so I'm not sure how effective an ATV would be. I suppose moose move around a lot - do you think there is any advantage to hunting either north or south of Greely? The southern area seems to be at the base of the range and fairly mountainous.


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