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    In need of some rounds by Sunday afternoon. Went to both Walmarts, Freddies @ Abbott & Dimond, and Sportsman Warehouse in town (ANC) and they were all out. Mt View & The Ammo Can were closed by the time I got around to them. Anyone know where I can find some?

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    are looking for standard old ball or a special round for that magic use..
    i mean are looking for just stuff to shoot off in a afternoon of fun shooting or do need like a specail typle of round like a 300.grain boat tail hollow point that works great in a 45.acp suppressor set up for shooting those nasty front yard pest that pop up here and there in the front yard without makeing the people across the street mad about the gun fire all day ..
    with a good suppressor and red dot scope and shoulder stock on the pistol .. it was the perfect set up to kill me a lot of rattlesnakes and other little things that i did not want the grandkids to get biten by in the my old homestead front yard and never let the people down the road hear a thing when i was doing it..
    for if you looking for the special typle try northwest projectile company for they offer 300.grain and 260 grain hollow points for the 1911 pistol and a special 260.grain hollow point for the 45.acp revolver set up..

    the website is called
    try them they have a diff sets of heavy wieght 45.acp rounds to work with ..

    wally world should have them in the morning if you go in there early in the morning after them restocking the shelfs ..have you thought about getting a 22lr pratice slide along with extras mags for it does cut the cost of shooting down a lot after paying for it self in less than five bricks of ammo for pratice ..

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    In a small town you could ask the police if you could borrow a couple boxes of training ammo but don't know if that will work in Anchorage.Can't hurt to ask though


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