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Thread: sitka and back for sitka blacktail

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    Smile sitka and back for sitka blacktail

    Leaving at 5:am for annual family hunt. We will be going south from Juneau to near Sitka on two commercial crabbers to spend about 10 days hunting eating crab and shrimp and clams and of course sitka blacktail. Then working our way back home. We see a lot of great country and really enjoy ourselfs. The hunt is on,life is good. Will post when I get back.

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    The hunting should be good with all this snow, I hope you brought your camera!

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    Default Sitka blacktail hunt 2006

    Made it back late last night and just got home a couple of hours ago from unloading the boats deer and gear so am kind of bushed so a short note. Hunting was exceptional with all the snow as mentioned by akjob. 10 days all together with two of them weathered in town here. Finally went for it in 12 to 14 foot seas with our main skiff breaking loose 2 times around point retreat. Will post more later but the final count were 40 bucks and two does as one person wanted them for his mother in law. ten guys total on both boats. constant snow which will be hard on the deer. Took some pictures but will have to round some up from the other guys and have my old camera film developed. More later.

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    Cungratulations sounds like a fun time.

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    Default They look tasty


    I saw a bunch of pictures of you guys unloading the boat. Your brother up Starr Hill let me show my little girls the deer hanging up there before he cut 'em up. They loved looking - I had my deer in the freezer before they got to see them.

    You guys got plenty of meat for the winter - very impressive. But I thought that skiff was gonna sink between the crabber and the shore. Six bucks at a time might be a bit much! <grin>

    Glad you all got back safe through the weather, too.

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    8x57 mauser,
    I don't know which skiff you saw but one of them had to be towed because they loaded the deer on the fuel line and it cut off the fuel supply and killed it. I told the guy being towed he might disapear like a crab buoy dropped in too deep of water with a commercial pot. He pointed at his float coat and said thats why I have this. lol

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    I posted some of the pictures in the photo Gallery thread. There where more deer inside the bait shack as we ran out of room where we were hanging them.


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