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Thread: Water level on kenai flats?

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    Default Water level on kenai flats?

    Hey guys, I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan, was wonder how the water level is in the potholes out on the flats? I've heard its been raining a bit. Any ducks in the area yet? I'm heading home for R and R in two weeks!!!!! Can't wait to smash some ducks!
    ps: i know how all us duck hunters are, i wouldnt want to give up any more information about my hunting area either. just looking for some inspiration/motivation. PM me is ya want.

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    I have not looked too much at the flats, since I am heading to Homer with my gillnetter being camp and small boats to killing birds.
    give me a call when you get home - we'll go hunting.

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    The flats are bone dry im sure the ponds way out by the bend across from the cannerys are holding water since they are fed from the river but the standing potholes are dry as can be. There are a few 24ft tides in the middle of the month that may flood it out if not its ganna be slim pickens for water out there unless we get a lot more rain.


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