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Thread: Silvers in Clearwater??

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    Default Silvers in Clearwater??

    Never fished for them in Delta, but im getting here late this year and looking like my only chance at them. Does anyone fish here and if so, about when do they start showing up? Thanks for any info!

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    right around the first of oct..they are dead but man you can really put the hammer on them...and they'll take just about anythign you throw at them! There is also a late run of chums in that river...huge difference in the fight...either way still fun! It's our last trip of the year usually.

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    Question Boat

    Do you usually use a boat and head south. Can a prop run the river? Thanks

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    A prop and a lift is iffy at best...lots of low water can go upstream or downstream.

    If you plan on using a prop, it might be better to dump in at clearwater lake and fish coming upstream till you start getting to'll see the fish!

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    Question getting there

    How do you get to clearwater lake? Thanks.

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    I'm just going to say this a Jet and Ice don't do good together. Believe me I know.

    Clearwater Lake is about 3.5 miles off the Rich. on the Jack Warren Rd. turn left on tripple h road and keep going straight til you see the landing sign.( I can't believe I giving these directions.)

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    Default Timing Clearwater

    It has been my experience to catch good numbers at the end of Sept, however I have caught silvers at clearwater as early as 3 Sept. Fish will be around to catch into early November. Grayling are active also, subsurface and top. I suggest if you flyfish to bring some dry for the grayling along with some ESL's.
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    wow 3rd sept..never new they were there that early..they are just showing up into some tribs out of nenana the 2nd week of sept. in any numbers...

    I do know ice on the boat launch at the state campground can be a bear with my lil truck and even a LIGHT boat! We never had any real issues though otherwise....I did blow a water pump impeller trying to get after those grayling this year trying to use a freighter canoe to get upstream...not sure how, other then the motor is old and has been used quite a bit. Oh well, next year is another more big to do...dcw here we come!

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    Hey Rock Skipper....what's the lake level now? Earlier this summer I don't think you could launch a canoe.


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