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Thread: Stainless Steel vrs aluminum impellers

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    Default Stainless Steel vrs aluminum impellers

    I have a 50/35 2 stroke jet and switched to a 4 bladed stainless steel impeller some years back. I have seen this topic pop up and I was wondering if there was any hard data on the subject? I know, now anyway, that I'm giving up some top end, but how much? Is the hole shot really better? Would I see a major difference if I go back to an aluminum 3 bladed impeller? Any help would be appreciated!

    I have a 16ft lund jon boat, FYI.

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    Default 50/35 jet impellers

    I have a very similar rig to yours and did the same thing, bought a 4 blade stainless impeller for it. After running for four hours I changed back to the three blade aluminum. Loaded the way my boat usually is I rundown stream at about 26mph and upstream at about 18 to 22 mph. With the 4 blade I ran 23 downstream and 16 upstream. It is my opinion that the stainless impeller did not give me more of a hole shot, in fact I think it was less.
    I have an almost new stainless 4 blade impeller for sale cheap if anybody needs one.


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