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Thread: Parks Reports?

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    Default Parks Reports?

    Heading down to the Parks steams tonite from Fairbanks. Has anyone heard any reports? Silvers and Bows are what we are going for. Thank You.

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    Floated Little Willow on Wed.

    Large groups of Silvers, mostly holding in the deeper pools. Caught around a dozen with 1 in 3 being bright chrome. No trout, a bit early for them yet as there is a TON of flesh/eggs in the water.

    Floated Willow Thur (yesterday) from the highway to the mouth.

    No real numbers of Silvers, did see a few groups down near the mouth. Hooked a couple, none landed.
    Same story on the the trout as with Little Willow. Did catch 2 small ones, one on a polar shrimp, the other on a purple esl.

    Good Luck.
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    fished rabbiduex last weekend and caught quite a few...

    super light line and super light flies was the name of the game their..once they spooked and got lock jaw I left....figured I had caught more then ever anticipated...kept one for dinner and had a great morning over all!

    I think just bout any of the rivers it's on...if you try the rab and dont fly fish...guys with bobbers and eggs did REALLY well down at the mouth about 75 or 100 yards up...eggs set a foot or two below the bobber.


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