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Thread: skwentna by jet boat?

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    Default skwentna by jet boat?

    Hi all, planning to head up the yentna in mid september, was wondering how an 18' g-3 would do on the lower part of the skwentna river. Anyone have any experience there? chasin bears....

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    That time of year it could be thick or thin,Water level wise, if rains alot water is up be careful how far you go, If it clear and cold at night that water will drop,sometimes alot,could get up in the morning and see your boat sitting on dry land,Watch where you park.

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    I use to run up there after 15 Sept and come back down sometime the 1st week of Oct. Sticking to the "BARGE" route makes it a non issue for a jet. I have run up to Youngstown Bend late season just be prepared for mistakes. Pay close attention to side sloughs as some of these can go dry overnight. Skwetna river is a "no" that late in the season on jet as are some of the other rivers.

    I got caught one year a ways back in upper 20 mile. Had to pack all the gear to the Yetena. Found a spot to refloat the boat and was able to get on step, for a while anyway, at least the 2nd and 3rd winches were shorter then the 1st.

    As stated above water levels can drop feet over night if the sun stays in and temps drop as the water levels are most influenced by glacier flow unless the clear water streams are running near flood level then it's a whole new ball game.

    My bet this year is water levels may run a little low as I am hearing that there is snow in the Park at 4000 feet. So if things stay cool I would be prepared for low water running. But just like the water levels that could change over night.

    Good luck with your hunt.....looking for Brown's or Blackies? May have a few ideas if needed.


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