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Thread: Fairbanks area archers?

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    Default Fairbanks area archers?

    Im just getting back to Fairbanks after being gone for two years. Ive been shooting traditional for the last year and a half and was curious if there were any groups or events for archers. Also does anyone around FBNKS hunt grouse with their recurve or long bow? Would love to get out there and let some arrows fly at the birds. Thanks for any info.

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    groups and events...well you have golden north archery assoc....what they do I cant tell you anymore. I know they have some outdoor shooting though I think that ceases for the month of sept.....

    They have indoor shooting but it aint quite open yet.

    There is a group on Eielson (I still need to join), They used to have a really good shoot, now you're just lucky to find someone. They also have an indoor range.

    I do hunt grouse with my longbow Havent been out for them this year yet...heard the numbers were down quite a bit though.


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