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Thread: How Good Is Your Camo?

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    Default How Good Is Your Camo?

    Camouflage patterns have come a long ways in the past decade, and most of us have purchased specific patterns for the areas we hunt. However, how many of you either wear a face mask, camo makeup, or some similar means of hiding your face?

    Too many times I'll see hunters in the latest pattern which, combined with a bit of natural cover and minimal movement, can almost make you invisible. However, some of these hunters neglect to cover their face or hands. Think of how visible those flashing wings on spinning wing decoys are. A hunter turning to look at incoming birds will be just as visible, but with the opposite desired effect. To a slightly lesser effect your hands will also be visible once you start to bring your gun up.

    Camo makeup is probably the best solution but takes some time to apply and remove. Face masks are just as effective, or more so, but restrict your field of vision at times. For me a face mask or mosquito net works best combined with hiding behind some natural cover. Early season I use lightweight fabic gloves and later, when it's cold, I'll switch to a warmer glove. Next time you're in the marsh around other hunters take a look around...Mr. White Pie Face will be plainly visible to you and certainly the birds.

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    Good post, We call that "moon face". Got to cover that up!

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    Agreed. Especially with our Alaskan's tans up here.... Hide your white ass! The flyers can see that for miles...
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