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    So we've got the new boat and need to run her some. So we've planned to just day trip out of whittier. We have an idea where to head for some rockfish, but where would you head if you were looking for maybe some halibut?


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    There is no consistent place closer than Naked Island that I know of - and that is a pretty good run for a day trip for most people.

    Over the years, we have caught the occassional odd lonely halibut in front of Surprise Cove, in deep water in front of Pigot Bay, at the entrance to Lake Bay on Ester Island, in front of Hidden Bay, on the east side of the south end of Culross Island, in the South Bay on Perry Island, in some of the rocks around Crafton Island, near the bouy at the south end of Lone Island.

    Good luck. Be careful, watch the weather, and let us know how you did.
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