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Thread: Cleaning Birds...Well Sm. Bird method WORK...???

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    Default Cleaning Birds...Well Sm. Bird method WORK...???

    For Grouse & Ptarmigan cleaning I just use the lay them on their back, stand on the wing roots, and gentle pull the legs, while rocking back and forth. My Question is will this method work for BIG birds like Goose or cranes or turkeys......??? If not what is different....???? Thank You

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    Default bird cleaning

    Alot of people use that method. I skin ptarmigan/grouse, then open up the bird to grab the heart and gizzard.

    On crane/geese, I pluck them, singe the pin feathers, and down I can't remove. Then, take out the guts, save the heart and gizzard.

    In both cases, I will soak them for about an hour in cold water, and wash in cold water. Then cook or freeze.

    On the geese and crane, I will stuff them with saurkraut then bake. If I get a goose or crane this year, I am going to soak the bird in a brine for 18-24 hours, then stuff and cook

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    I have five turkeys I want to take from being food consumers, to being dinner.

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    Best way to do chickens and turkeys is to scald and pluck them. Get a clean metal trash can or drum fill it with water and heat it to 160 degrees. Dunk your bird slosh it around a bit. You know its ready when you can easily pull out wing feathers. Take them out of the water set on a table and begin plucking. For small pin feathers you can just burn them off.

    If you don't have the means to scald them your better off just skinning them.

    Where are you located? We have a group getting togother this weekend to process chickens and turkeys. We'll be using a plucker that does the hard work for you.

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    Only two of my turkeys are ready for processing now, I was hoping I could just pull the legs and breast out.

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    Default Not waterfowl

    That method does not work for waterfowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milo View Post
    That method does not work for waterfowl.
    OK.....That was my guess, as it is so slick, if it worked I would have expected to have heard about it. Thanks for the information, guess I'll be skinning them.

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    Default nope to tough

    I think the skin / fat/ layer is thicker combine with the down & it will just make a mess with waterfowl. Best to skin them as you said.

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    Default YUP!

    Skin Em' Clean & freeze! Or Cook till tender


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