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Thread: Kalgin Island hunter

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    Default Kalgin Island hunter

    Does anyone have anymore details on the hunter that was shot and killed over there, besides what was wrote in the Clarion. Years back a hunter shot and killed another hunter thinking he was a moose.

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    I'm still waiting for the results of the 18 YO gal that got shot in a "hunting accident" about a week ago. This was about a 1 or 2 paragraph mention in the ADN. Seems like most of these are really negligent firearms handling, often with alcohol involved.

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    Default no news has been released.

    2 paragraphs about the accident, and 10 more about how involved she was in her church and local witnessing. i doubt alcohol was involved.
    no matter how it happened, i can only feel sorrow for the poor soul who pulled the trigger, it was a terrible accident they will have to live with their whole life.
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    Default NO Alcohol was involved

    There was no alcohol involved and it was a very tragic accident.

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    Default Homer News

    A Homer woman was shot while hunting last Friday morning on Kalgin Island. Hannah R. Frye, 18, was declared dead at Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage, after being flown there by an Alaska Air National Guard medical team in an HH-60 Pavehawk helicopter. Kalgin Island is a popular moose hunting area about 25 miles west of Kenai in upper Cook Inlet.

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    ALL, This is a local board to many in AK, I can guarantee that there are friends and family of all involved in this tragic mishap. Right now there is no information about what happened and there is no reason to sit here and try and guess. There is no need to try and guess who or what is at fault. If you would like to post condolences then that is fine and I will leave the thread open for that however if the conjecture continues I will go ahead and lock it down.

    My prayers are with both the family of this poor girl the person who will have to live with this horrible tragedy.

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    Well stated LuJon. My prayers go out for the family and for all involved.
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