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Thread: Half a limit of Ruffies today...

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    Default Half a limit of Ruffies today...

    I was way lucky after work today. First I had to chase one in the woods and got him to flush then on the next turn I spied one way back in the thick stuff and as I was sneaking in there I spotted another..........bam! bam! birds erup[ted everywhere and after a little walk about I shot a couple more.Figured I'd leave some for another day and decided to leave.

    Well that changed 10 minutes later when I spotted a bird and I snuck in on that one but lost it. I could hear birds around and stuck it out and dang if one didnt start to walk towards me.It flushed as I stood up and at that shot a few more busted out and I tagged one more, and so with 7 birds down and quite a few flushing around I left those for another day also.

    Anyhow the boys are getting ready to fry a couple for dinner , so I better help out.

    btw! what the heck are these. found them as I was chasing birds.

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    Default Nice meal....

    Wish we had the numbers and bag limits you have. It is hard to go out and not shoot, but if you want to hunt longer days you have to pass a few or go home early with your two.


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