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    Unhappy Axle Grease

    Has anyone found a good cold weather bearing grease? I purchased a used snowmachine trailer that had EZ Lube hubs. These hubs have a grease zert on the end of the spindle and the grease is pushed in on the far inside of the spindle. When it is very cold the grease won't move so it blows out the inside grease seal. I found this out when I pulled the wheel off and there was an inch of old grease on the inside of the wheel.

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    Default Grease

    OMC TripleGuard. Its an outboard marine grease. I use it on everything (boats, trailers, snowmachines, 4-wheelers, etc.). Its not cheap as far as grease goes, but you get what you pay for. Think you can get it at Alaska Mining and Diving.


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