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    Me and my dad are thinking real hard about hunting the Yukon below the Haul Road bridge around the 12th of Sept. Any info or advice would be appreciated. Taking a 22' commercial fishing boat with twin 55hp props. How much fuel would be needed?

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    That depends on what you burn and how far you are going to run. I did it last year on my 26 ft hewes and burned just over 400 gallons. Twin 115 Yamahas. Went from the Bridge to 3 day slew miles on Koyukuk river. That isn't a trip you just pack your things and go unless you've done it several times. I would make sure your deep sounder works running on step and take along good maps and take notes going down to reference back to coming home. You can get fuel Tanana, Ruby, and Galena. Cheapest last year was Ruby. I don't recommend packing fuel for the entire trip but take enough to get you to fuel stops. Packing all the extra fuel is a lot of weight and room. We filled up at Tanana and Galena. Galena is where we filled our drums. On the way home filled up in Ruby and Tanana.


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