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    Well guys just wanted to wish everyone good luck for opening day. Had plan on going to the cabin with my 9 year old but hes been sick all week and home from school. So I don't want him to miss another day this early in the school year. So he will be in school for opening day. I just don't have the hart to go out opening day without him. Its funny how the way you look at things change once you have kids. But I wouldnt change it for the world. Ill be on the big su opening weekend banging ducks with him

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    My oldest will be going on his first hunts this year, I can't wait. He won't make the opener but he will be out on some other hunts this year.

    I got the day off for the opener and am pretty excited to be out there. We have a traditional hunt/camp spot that we go every year, lots of fun, we usually get our ducks but if not it isn't a big deal, more of the adventure than anything.


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