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    Default limited entry guides

    I just herd the state is working on making alaska limited entry for salt water guides. any one herd of this? or have any links for info.

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    Default Limited Entry Salt Water Guides

    I think the North Pacific Management Council is putting a limited entry system in starting in 2010. You must have been in business in 2004 and 2005 to fish halibut.

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    Captindd is correct that NPFMC recommended and NMFS is in the process of reviewing comments received on the proposed rule for limited entry ON HALIBUT (only) with the final rule coming out this fall if approved by the Sec. of Commerce Gov. Locke that the program will be in place for the 2010 season.

    The State of Alaska cannot do a limited entry program like the commercial folks have without a new constitutional amendment specific for charter limited entry because you cannot make the commercial limited entry program work for the charter sector. That is why the task force that ADFG had established to look at limited entry options because of the NPFMC recommendation for a limited entry program for halibut started looking at a guide services board that could accomplish something close to a limited entry program. the ADFG website is

    information on the NPFMC recommendation for a halibut limited entry program is on their website at

    and more information on the NMFS website at:

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    I've heard rumors about a few things, but nothing from the horses mouth yet.

    The halibut numbers in SE this year are going to be very low, as charters were down 40% and the limits were cut in half. It sure was quiet out on the water this year. Not many boats at all. I don't know why they want to do the halibut limited entry deal, as they already cut our limits in half. It's not like the industry is going to grow with all the restrictions we have now.

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    Default Two weeks ???

    I e-mailed Jay Ginter with NMFS in Juneau recently, and he said the moratorium on Halibut charter boats is still under review, but should be forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce within two weeks.

    If the secretary signs it, it will be in effect by the 2010 season.

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    And the lawyers mouths begin to water

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    Default Law suit

    I doubt there will be a lawsuit. It is very expensive to file suit against the federal government and even harder to win especially when the industry largely supported the limted entry. It has been fifteen years in the making....

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