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Thread: Pressure Cookers......why NOT use one....???

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    Default Pressure Cookers......why NOT use one....???

    Why do people NOT use small aluminum pressure cookers for camping....? Yes, they are heavier than titanium, but not much heavier than a good 1.5 qt. aluminum Pot & save fuel weight. On a fly-in, drive truck to, or boat drop-off hunt they would use far less fuel & boil water five times faster......? I see that they make pressure cookers as small as 1.4 quarts. So why are they not used....???

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    Not so. It takes longer to boil water in a preasure cooker, because the water has to reach a higher temperature at a higher preasure. It does cook foods faster, because of the higher preasure and temp, but they do not boil water faster.

    Also you would not want to be in camp if you overheated one and it exploded.
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    One would think if they Exploded with much regularity they would be illegal, or out of business. It just seems to be able to throw in four Ptarmigan, three boullion cubes, cook a few minutes, let cool, remove top when safe, add a cup of minute rice, wait a minute, eat.

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    old school pressure canners did explode with some regularity in the "ye olde" days... a modern one commonly has two pressure relief points- a weighted valve and a "pop off" plug.

    Never seen them used camping... I've used them at the house to cook things like roasts in about an hour- not 4 hours.

    On typical camp fare I don't thing they'd give you any advantage at all since they do take a while to come up to pressure.


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